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11 years ago, Pete had a vision about how he wanted his practice to run and what sort of Chiropractor he wanted to be. Being a keen sportsman himself, he really wanted to target soft tissue injuries as well as spinal & skeletal problems. He recognised that combining soft tissue massage, heat pack therapy and ultrasound where required, in addition to Chiropractic adjustments, is more beneficial for long-term pain relief, healing and general maintenance. It does actually make sense – by softening & lengthening the muscles through remedial massage, the joints move a lot easier, making the adjustment not so Ahh!!!!

Today he sees a range of demographic from the sportsman, i.e. surfers, footballers, runners, soccer players, netballers, basketballers, etc to the elderly for pain management and arthritic problems, to the very young at heart! With very gentle techniques, Chiropractic can aid in alignment after birth, growing pains in children and many other issues.

Pete works closely with other health practitioners to gain your best outcome. He will write thorough reports to surgeons, doctors, podiatrists and fitness studios. We feel we have a cool vibe in the clinic and our various therapists are uber friendly and will make you feel welcome the minute you walk in. We get to know our patients on a first-name basis and build up a good rapport between patient / practitioner.

We like to refer to our clinic as a ‘One Stop Health Hub’. One week you may be requiring your regular Chiropractic treatment, then the next week you have a cold; whereby Naturopathic herbs and Acupunture may assist here. Then there’s the remedial massage for tired, aching body parts and Bowen Therapy can also be a winner for this. Our Myotherapists will treat a repetitive strain or injury and hone in to the troubled area with Dry Needling, and for mental de stress and body councilling a Kinesiology Session is excellent. And best of all we sell some yummy, healthy food items & pillows, essential oils, cleaning products, heat packs, recipe books, vouchers, and many more.

Please come and see for yourself and call to make your appointment. One of our friendly reception staff will answer your questions and direct you to the most suitable treatment.