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Rebecca Winkler


Rebecca is a qualified Naturopath on the Surf Coast, Torquay & Jan Juc, with over 12 years of clinical experience. Bec’s approach to her patients is very caring, friendly, sincere and professional. Her experience working in pharmacies for 10 years and her tutoring with the School of Medicine at Deakin sees her treatment and management as a good balance of medical diagnostics and testing, coupled with traditional naturopathic treatment.

Bec specialises in womens’ and childrens’ health, particularly Gynaecology, preconception care, fertility and pregnancy as well as infants and Paediatrics. As a mum of 2 young boys herself, she loves helping young ones and families and is very mindful of her recommendations, keeping her suggestions and treatments realistic and doable!

Bec has also completed extra study in the areas of gastroenterology, completing her GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) certification. She is also studying fellowship with the Mind Foundation of Australia focusing on immunology, neurology, gut and paediatric integrative medicine. Bec helps a lot of families and children to manage ASD, Autism, behavioral, mood and neurological conditions as well as gut and immune health.

She only uses high quality, practitioner only products, with discretion and integrity. She also has a beautiful range of retail products available for purchase in the clinic or through her online store.

Bec offers patients a lot of care and guidance outside consultation times in the form of regular contact, handouts, dietary support and resources. She is a big believer in communication and is happy to answer questions in between appointments via email.Please feel free to email Bec directly if you have any questions or queries on: [email protected].

Consultation Fees:

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Children’s Initial or Concession


Return Consultation (60 mins)


Return Concession (60 mins)


Return Consultation (30 mins)


Return Concession (30 mins)


1/2 hr Phone Consultation


1/2 hr Phone Concession


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